12 Angry Men Cast Announced

Director Debbie Reynolds and Assistant Director Kristin Whitney are thrilled to announce the cast for “12 Angry Men”, generously sponsored by Kentucky Legend:

Foreman:  Wes Bartlett
Juror 2:  David Roberson
Juror 3:  Grant Dunivan
Juror 4:  Zachary Tieken
Juror 5:  Will Stone
Juror 6:  Jason Bostwick
Juror 7:  Dan Heckel
Juror 8:  Kevin Clark
Juror 9:  Jim Payne
Juror 10: Todd Reynolds
Juror 11: Jeremiah Hinson
Juror 12: Worth Mountjoy

Guard:  Mason McNulty

We were so happy with the turnout we received at auditions and had a tough time choosing, but are positive audiences are going to be impressed with this cast and show!