GREASE Cast List

We had a terrific turnout for GREASE auditions. SO MUCH talent and energy! We wish our stage and budget were large enough we could use everyone! (Of course, we still need lots of backstage help – so everyone is invited to come join the fun!)
Here’s the cast!
Danny:  Joseph Hunt
Kenicke:  Braxton Swanagan
Roger:  Logan Holt
Sonny:  Anthony Eiras
Doody:  Nathan Reynolds
Sandy:  Abby Meyer
Frenchy:  Tori Garmon
Rizzo:  Navji Dixon
Jan:  Alexis Johnson
Marty:  Chelsea Payne
Cha-Cha:  Cheyenne Anderson
Patty:  Maddie Brasher-Evans
Eugene:  Luis Wilhite


Emily Vergason
Haman Brown
Cali Whitmore
Helen Merritt
Justice Mapp
Issac Malott
Dominic Pitocco
Kennedy McCollam
Natalie Mathis
Josh Kelly