Pinstripe Suit


By Constance Alexander

It is 1984, and middle manager Hal Fulmer has been downsized from a Fortune 500 company, BlanCorp. Although he has just completed his last day on the job, he agrees to do a favor for his boss, and ends up spending the next twelve hours in a cushy executive office suite, waiting.

PINSTRIPE SUITE is a special event featuring longtime TWO player Wes Bartlett in a one man show!  The unique comedy-drama is directed by Dr. Amanda Dawson of Brescia University.  There will be only two performances of the play:

Friday, April 12.  6:30 PM.  (Dinner Performance).  Saturday, April 13.  7:30 PM.  (Standard Performance) Both performances will be at TRINITY CENTRE, 407 W. Fifth St.

Tickets for the Standard Performance are $18.00 for adults, $12.00 for students (plus tax).  There will be a $2.00 surcharge for all tickets purchased at the door.

Tickets for the Dinner Performance are $30.00 and must be purchased in advance.