Special Coronavirus Update





Requirement that seating limited to 50% capacity and social distancing between seats
Staggered arrival times assigned when tickets purchased; suggest earlier seating to facilitate
Blocking of seats to ensure social distancing in seating
Ticket orders exclusively by telephone to start, possible expansion to online sales later
Use of digital tickets rather than paper tickets wherever possible
One directional traffic where possible for entering and exiting our space
Playbills preset in seats
Removal of Row A
No post show meet and greet
Eliminate intermission
Release of audience by rows – release to different exits (front rows exit at house front right, etc.)
Queue markers at entrances to theatre and in lobby to demonstrate social distancing
Masks available onsite for patrons


Taking of temperature upon entry to TWO space for employees / volunteers
Social distancing required whenever in a TWO space
Mask over nose and mouth required whenever in a TWO space
Hand sanitizing stations scattered throughout venue
Full cleaning and disinfecting after each performance – use of EPA registered household disinfectants, diluted household bleach solution, and alcohol solutions containing at least 60% alcohol
Post audience policies and instructions at key points – remind audience to avoid touching face, avoid hand shaking / hugging, etc.
Prompt departure after any show or rehearsal – no staying on property to socialize


Concessions omitted for re-opening


Ensure a sufficient amount of hand soap and sanitizer
Limit access to two (2) users at a time – signs outside restrooms providing notice
Use of markers on floor or wall to indicate where the queue forms
Full cleaning / sanitizing after each performance


Use of Zoom or remote auditions and rehearsals where possible
Enforce social distancing and masks
Limit use of upstairs dressing rooms at Empress
Assign dressing areas for specific shows
Late arrival for actors / dress at home
Staggering audition times / specific audition times / wait in car until called in to audition
Scheduling of rehearsals to minimize unnecessary congregating
Actors in masks when not performing


Limit physical interaction between FOH staff and backstage crew / actors
No more than 2 people allowed in Sound / Light booth at any time
Barrier between Sound and Light operators
Row in front of Tech booth must remain open in case of any tech issues with sound

Dates and times for all other projects will be announced as soon as they are established. We will post the information on FACEBOOK, on our WEBSITE, and via this regular NEWSLETTER. We will alert the regional news media, and ask for their assistance in increasing awareness. Most importantly, the staff of TWO is here to help you! While we are not open for walk-in business, we ENCOURAGE phone calls, emails and private messages. It will be our pleasure to keep you informed!
Feel free to call the office between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Mon-Fri. (270) 683-5333. Our website is always at your convenience at theatreworkshop.org.You can pull us up on Facebook as THEATRE WORKSHOP OF OWENSBORO.
Please accept our humble thanks for your continued support! The curtain has not come down on community theatre. This is just a scene change as we prepare to tell the rest of the story!